Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Challenge - Scrap what you love

Today I challenge you to scrapbook something that you fitting with Valentines tomorrow. But there are a few conditions. 1.) use 3 pieces of CTMH paper (any size) 2.) use only 1 photo & 3.) as many embellishments as you want. Ok, your topic can be a person, place or thing. I know some of you are a little uncomfortable to scrap random things about you and your life that isn't your child or a holiday but push yourself. So if you LOVE coffee or like me LOVE Diet Pepsi that could be your page or it could be your new obsession such as purses, chocolate or Hoops & Yo-Yo. Ooops! Those are my obsessions! If you don't know who Hoops & Yo-yo are just walk into Hallmark or Walmart they started all those obnoxious talking cards. Anyways I will post my picture later this afternoon.

So as always if you want your name in the monthly drawing, do your challenge, post a comment that you did it and email me a picture of your finished layout. Have a great day!

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