Friday, August 28, 2009

Do I have a hearing problem

Will you see this in my ear????
ok..I'm dealing with so much this week. I can share one that I hate to admit...I'm getting hearing aids. This is such a hard decision and I hate the thought of being so young and already needing hearing aids. I thought they were for old ...people. Well it looks like I have had nerve damage as a child or born with the defect. Do I talk loud to you?


  1. Great to have a sense of humor about it...It is probably the only thing I haven't had to deal with yet.I figure everything started changing since I turned 40, I am dragging my feet till I hit 50. Now they make such small units no one will even notice them.Just think of all the things you will be able to hear now that you didn't realize you were missing!

  2. Love the cartoon! Technology is so wonderful in this day and age--I hope you are fitted for hearing aids by audiologists and that work well for you! I had nerve damage from scarlet fever as a baby, and compensated throughout my life by reading lips, and then finally began to use hearing aids about 20 years ago, but mine need to be upgraded. Though they are digital, I hear way too much background noise (I don't need to hear paper rustling!). Tell your friends to'll hear everything they say! Blessings!



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