Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wishes card for the week...

It's Sunday night Wishes challenge...tonight the challenge is to do the sketch page 17 - Smple Said.  I did two cards, but I think this card has a strong message but is simply said.  It all started with a tote bag that I bought on Friday.  Jessie and I went on a shopping spree that lasted 6.5hrs., we were exhausted Friday night.  Anyways, I bought this tote bag in support of breast cancer.  It has a really cute logo this year "Save the ta-tas", I just couldn't resist! 

Front of tote bag:
So this time of the year always makes me think of my friend, Terri.  Terri is a strong supported of breast cancer research.  She lost her mother to breast cancer and every year I try to do something to show support. 
Here is my card:

Here is a close up of the glitter on the pink ribbon:

Do what you can to help support breast cancer research. So girls go out get your breast exams and "Save your ta-tas"! 

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