Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tea time with Riley

I keep finding colored Riley's in my workspace piles!  My hubby gave me nine Riley stamps for Christmas I have to keep sharing.  I think this is number 4 card share with Riley.  This image I was excited to find.  I just think he is so adorable, and yes, I have a problem with pink!  I just love it and it is the perfect time of year for me.

So join Riley & I, and go pour yourself a cup of tea and tell me your favorite flavor.  Mine is Market Spice Tea Cinnamon-Orange & Lipton Vanilla Carmel Truffle.  Don't they sound yummy?

I'll be back at NOON with another post (sneak peek)!! - Judy


  1. This is darling! I love this Riley.

  2. Too cute, Riley is always having fun. TFS!



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