Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday scrap organization goodies...

Happy Monday!
  I told you that on Monday's I would post scraproom or storage tidbits and here I am with a little tidbit.  Mainly my way of thinking thru my organization of my own scraproom.  Next week I will share my new cabinets (got half of them up), but I have to move my stuff into them first.

This week-end I went to antique shops looking for vintage storage goodies for my desk and to add color to my vanilla office.  My hubby is against painting, at least for now, because he had to paint to whole house in Alaska before it went on the market.  Anyways looking for color, theme and storage/organization for the room to give it that personalized look.  As always I'm am drawn towards RED.  If you ever saw my kitchen in AK I had this RED accent wall that I loved.  Off topic again...well color scheme has to be agreeable with Keith since I'm sharing space.  So we agreed on displaying all his vintage cameras, thinking that cameras and scrapbooking good hand and hand, right?  And that is where we are...
Vintage cameras, RED and baby blue to give it a retro feel, maybe a few cherries to boot!!

What would you store in these little dishes and salt containers(blue)?  Buttons, flowers, brads?  What things do you grab for the most when crafting?  I would love your input!

Here are a few more goodies that we got for the room, are they the cutest?

Have a FAB day! Can't wait to here what I should store in my little dishes.- Judy

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  1. I love the dishes - are they depression glass? I would keep just what you said, buttons, flowers and brads. I'd also keep eyelets and packages of bling, maybe bottles of glitter and/or glitter glue and teeny punches.



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