Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thrift store flowers

Last month I was at a craft fair and saw these beautiful glass flowers made with vintage glass and china plates.  The lady selling them teaches classes but they are very limited to the amount of people that can attend.  There were so many to choose from and they were something I wouldn't want to put out in my backyard.  I wanted them in my office!!

So last week I was on a mission to re-create these flowers.  I went to several thrift store picking up odd peices of china, plates, votive holders and so forth.  Here is the first too...I made this one.
Jessi found this crystal platter for $2 - it was perfect.  The second plate is my mom's dishes.  I thought it would be a nice way to use my mom's stuff rather than garage sale or donate, then I have a little piece of her around my yard.  I think she would like that.

Here is Jessi's
She found this copper platter and wanted to use that.  This is a huge flower and I'm hoping it stays together.  But the great thing about these flowers they don't die, wilt or attract bees.  If they don't weather well and they fall apart I just have to re-glue them.  Yes I used Locktite Epoxy Glue! 

Supplies needed:
plates, platters, votive holders
Locktite Quick set Epoxy Glue
2' copper tube
2' rebar to secure it in the ground
45 degree copper bend to fit copper tube
large washer to fit copper bend

I positioned my plates and glued them in place, this I think took the longest time. Trying to decide which plate looks better.  They all look nice, trust me.  Glue plates and wait for it to set.  I would glue them and then go do something else even thought the Locktite says 5 mins.  The I would flip it over and glue the washer in the center, wait.  Then attach the copper bend with lots of glue - don't worry it dries clear!
So in 30 mins. or so you have a beautiful flower.

If you want specifics on how I did these flowers just drop me an email

Enjoy your Sunday! - Judy


  1. These yard flowers are fantastic - such talent! Hats off to you both :)

  2. Judy, these are absolutely awesome. I love the copper tray. Now I'm going to be scrounging at thrift shops for dishes.



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