Thursday, March 10, 2011

5 minute card

Do you ever have days or weeks that you feel like you are not getting things done?  That there are so many obligations on you and you don't know which way to go?  When I feel that way I tend to find another distraction that you go do instead of what you should be doing.  I have been creating both paper and fabric these past weeks, just haven't taken many pictures or blogging about it.  Some of the projects will be in the next SNR (Scrapbook News & Review) online magazine, which I can't share yet and others have been for classes I have been teaching.

Today is a quick card for a friend who is having a baby.  Spring brings lots of babies and now with the new sewing machine I have loads of ideas and projects that are in the mix.  But I will share this project that I did the other still needs the Judy touch - flowers and buttons!  But I am happy how easy making a simple purse can be and the fabric choices are unreal!
Now Jessi wants me to make her one with animal off to the fabric store I go again today!

Have a  happy Wednesday!

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