Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fabric Scrap baskets

Well last night I was having fun making little fabric scrap baskets for me and my friend Carrie.  I thought this is a great little basket that you could carry supplies in to a crop and while you are there you can throw those little scraps of paper in your personal basket.  I got the idea from what alot of sewing people would know as a thread catcher.  You can google "thread catcher" they are super cute and they hang off the side of the table while you are sewing to catch thread and fabric scraps.  Most of the thread cacthers I saw online had a pin cushion attached to it.  I didn't think the pin cushion would be helpful for a scrapper or a card maker so I just stuck to making the basket part.  Anyways, I can think of lots of uses for these little lining my desk filled with crafty goodiness!  And it would clean up my desktop too!

Now to find the right colors for my office - red & aqua with a retro feel.  Well that would be another sewing night, maybe this week-end.

Have a wonderful day! - Judy



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