Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm not a quilter...

I will admit that I'm not a quilter and thought this was the cutest bag when I got the pattern...then I read the instructions.  It required some quilting.  Oh my gosh!  I have not quilted in years and my extent of quilting was making the tops.  Funny thing is I have lots of tops that never got quilted, another story.  Well as many of you know that I have a new sewing machine and I didn't even know how to turn the free motion quilting on until today in my sewing class.  It might have been helpful the night before when I was making this bag.

So here is your hint, don't look too closely at my stitches.  I think my next sewing class will be a free motion quilting class and I'll try this bag again. 

But at the end of the day I was proud of my little bag and I still think it is a cute bag.  And love the colors - AQUA.  Oh and it has awesome comfy shoulder straps that don't cut into your shoulders - a bonus!  I carry way too much in my handbags.

Which is my questions of today...what do you have in your purse?
wallet, camera (you never know when you'll need it), pens, cheater glasses for the aging eyes, Micheal's coupons, car keys, lip gloss, cel phone, snack...these are my normal stuff and sometimes more if I know I going to do something fun.


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  1. Great bag - I'm very impressed! Because of shoulder issues, I use a backpack purse. I have 3 & I love them. I only use a regular purse when I dress up. So I've learned not to carry excessive stuff. I have a wallet, checkbook, sunglasses makeup & keys. That's about it :)



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