Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hoo hoo!

I have been keeping myself busy today while my backyard patio was being installed. I'll share pictures of the patio on Monday, because they have to come back with more sand and seal it.
Anyways, I am totally addicted to these little owl eye glass holders.
I found the pattern at Embroidery Garden and it is totally made in the machine embroidery hoop!
You should checkout her site because she has paper crafting ideas for the Cricut too, just look for the tab near the bottom of the website.
In fact it was so much fun that my daughter had to make one for herself.
It is so nice to share my machine with her and knowing that she might enjoy sewing too.

I hope you are enjoying you week-end and trying so kind of new craft, because we always need new projects, and new tools, and pretty sparkly things, and paint, and fabric and......
I think you get the gist!  Just go out there and have fun.



  1. I don't have that kind of machine...can I still make these?

  2. These are SO adorable! A new patio? Sounds like life is good down there in Reno, you're making me so jealous!! The leaves FINALLY appeared this weekend!! I hope some of your Nevada sunshine makes it up here to us this summer! :O)

  3. LOVE these! Wish I could sew like that!



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