Monday, June 13, 2011

A happy bird

What a cute happy bird!
This week-end after my class I continued to make embroidered cards.  Here (above) is where I stitched the outside on the design and colored it in with Copic markers. I'm just a happy bird that I can make
this card super fast with my sewing machine.  So I decided that this week I will try to make several of these cards to have around the house for all occasions.

Here is the design when it is stitched up, I have two options...

So this was my little project for the week-end stitching cards and dishtowels while I assigned my hubby to a project...
I painted an accent wall in my kitchen ORANGE!

Here is a peek! looks a little bright, but the adjoining walls are light blue.  Just think orange, blue and white...the guy and Home Depot said the color were very feng shui.  So I'm hoping for a happy place, Rooster looks happy!  I read a HGTV article about decorating with orange and have some great ideas.  We have more walls to paint and I'm making the cornices for the slider and kitchen window, I hope to have it completed by next week-end!  Well off to make some baby books today for the neighbors and grand babies.


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