Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sewing Tuesday

Actually, I usually sew on the week-ends, Sunday is such a great day to lock yourself into your craft room, turn on music and have some else figure out dinner.  But unfortunately I was sick with the flu this week-end and sewing or eating was not in the agenda.

But yesterday I was feeling a little better...and it is nice when hubby leaves for work and I can sew all day.  All I did Monday was go to the gym, take a shower, pull on those comfy sweats, pull hair up and sew.

This purse pattern is a Amy Butler's Birdie Sling.  The pattern says its a beginner pattern.  Well you learn alot for a beginner pattern...pleats, and sewing curves.  Overall I like how the purse came out and I think I would do another!

Hope you have a good day tomorrow...I'm working at the quilt store, but will be back on Thursday with a project and Friday with my Christmas cards!

Happy crafting! - Judy


  1. Very nice purse. You did a great job. And I really like the material that you used.

  2. Adorable purse Judy! Glad you are feeling better!:)

  3. I sooo want one of your handmade purses. Just absolutely GORGEOUS!



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