Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Trick-n-treating bags

It's getting that time of the year...Halloween.
I actually like the thought of dressing up as someone else and acting silly.  When my daughter was young we would have some much fun with it.  Her birthday is a week before Halloween so we would have a scary birthday party.  The parents would love it because then everyone got to wear their Halloween costume for more than 1 night.

That other day when I was on one of my quilt store shopping excursions, I found this panel that could be cut up into Halloween goodie bags.  I think they are just so fun!

Well some kids would think these bags are too small but I think they are perfect for
the grand kids.  Now I hope I get some photo of those gremlins in their costumes (hint, hint).
Like my step-kids ever read my blog.

Well off to make some spooky Halloween cards today. 
What projects are you working on? 


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