Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bags, Bag, Bags...warning lots of pictures!!

I'm sharing a new purse that I woke up this morning to make.  Lots of fun and testing it out and seeing of people like it.  I do LOVE this fabric, but if it is a big floral print its me!
Typically I'm not a blue person either, but I think I can see this royal blue making it into my sewing room again,

Here is a close up of the velvet ribbon flower...those are alot of fun and frustration all at once.  This flower took me two times of making it, seam ripping and persistence.  I think it is well worth it.

But as always my Tuesday post is about my week-end sewing projects.  This week-end I was making mini totes for the Cricut Gypsy.  Here is a special order to go with the lovely Cricut dust cover for Nichole.  Did you go checkout her blog?  She is very talented and I am so lucky to have met her.

It is a mini tote only measuring 8" x 10" x 3".  I think it is great for the Gypsy, small projects or for a little girl.  However my little girl, who is turning 21 this week, put it on her shoulder and she was right some people like small bags.  Not me.  I'm a glutton for punishment, large bags to store lots of goodies in that work well for shopping trips.

So bag fever is going on in the house...here is a bag that Jessi made for herself.

She just fell in love with this fabric on the last shopping trip.  I think the print is age appropriate.
I'm so glad that I get to share my sewing room with a talented young lady.

Happy Sewing!

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