Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Monday!

Ok, today is the day.  I'm another year older...yikes!
I really don't like to admit I'm getting older.  But I can't seem to break the calendar so that is stays at 39.  Haha, I don't feel older but I see the droopy skin starting.  Oh how I don't want to look like my mother.

So we start the day with cupcake fever, with the lovely owl cupcakes.  Thanks Pinterest for giving my daughter ideas!  Then we move to my nails...

Please don't notice how bad my cuticles are.  Actually if you know of a great cuticle treatment let me know.  It dry here in Reno.

But I didn't stop there...I made these adorable cupcake Mug Rugs.  I'm making more today.
Just listed this one.

But doesn't it look cute with the cupcake on it???

Have a happy Monday!


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