Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fabric, paper and stamping

Today I'm sharing a art quilt that I did this past week.  Jessi & I are part of an art quilt group that meets at Lake Tahoe once a month.  Each month we have a challenge...
this past month was to make a journal page about anything.

Well in the past month I have had a thing for poppies.  I have planted a huge
barrel of California poppies in the back yard.  I just love the POP
of orange.

So inspiration came to me easily.

In this quilt you will find paper, fabric, tulle, stamping and Copics to enhance the orange poppies.

This quilt is for all my friends that looked at me weird 6 years ago...
I told many people that I wanted to make mini creations that included fabric, paper, stitching, stamping, beading and fibers.  And they would ask "why?" and "what would it be used for?" 

All I can say is ART.


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