Thursday, June 28, 2012

My different swing on landscapes...

Happy Thursday!
I have been continuing my exploration of little art quilts.

This month I wanted to explore landscapes.  It is more a rebellous exploration.
Here is why...everytime I go into a local quilting store and I explain that I'm working on some art quilts the sales person assumes that I'm doing a landscape quilt.  Hello!  Art quilts are NOT only landscapes.

Don't get me wrong...landscapes are nice but they are not my style choice.  I guess it is because I lived in Alaska for 35yrs and it seemed like all the artists did landscapes and whenever you go into someone's home they would have a landscape of Mt. McKinley, or glaciers and what not.  This meant lots of blues, purples, browns and greens.  Well those colors just won't work in my house!  I'm more contempory...think oranges, teal, lime and reds.  Now I might like landscapes if they were more abstract and of course I could make them in Red, Purple, Teal or Black! 

That is what I did...explored a more modern landscape.

Here is a tree...

 a rolling hill...

and my favorite a cityscape.

All three of these quilts will be on display at the Fabrics Unlimited Annual Qoutdoor Quilt Show July 21st.

Overall, It was a good exploration of landscapes.  I might do some others with lots more color and I won't be so close minded about them.

If you are interested in a book with simples landscape techniques check this book out.

Two of the quilts are from this book.

Have a great day...see you tomorrow!


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