Monday, June 4, 2012

Painting Monday

Wanted to start this week with something colorful.
I wanted to try painting on fabric.  This time instead of using fabric dye, I used regular acrylic craft paints and Golden Medium GAC 900.
The GAC helps thin out the paint and soften the texture so you don't have a stiff piece of fabric.
I have found that 1:1 ratio is pretty good, less makes it very difficult to quilt the quilt.
I think I will continue to experiment with this technique.  It was kinda fun pulling out all the paints and spending a summer day out on the patio.

This mini quilt approx. 11" x 14".

I'm so excited to start a mini quilt wall in my house
to display these cuties and watch my skills grow.

Have a colorful Monday!

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