Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thrift store share

For those of you who know me well, know that I'm not a big fan of thrift stores.
I guess I should clarify...
I donate lots of stuff to local charities but I don't usually shop
at thrift stores.  I have a clean phobia, wouldn't know if by my house, but
something about some thrift stores are really dirty and smelly.
I have a story of going thru a box at the thrift store and found someones underwear!  EWWWW!!!
I think that memory comes up and that's enough to skeeve me out.
Ok, so it's my problem I'll admit that.

But once in awhile I walk in when looking for something in particular.
This is where Pinterest comes in.

Have you seen the great creative people over there who can turn
furniture into really nice pieces?  I have a friend Ladonna that
can do that.

So Keith & I went on an adventure, looking for a bookshelf, spice rack and other goodies
to organize some of my dis-order. 
Here is my big find for the outing...

A longerberger basket!

Do you see how much I paid for it?

It will look awesome in my updated (thanks to Pinterest) guest bathroom!

Have a happy hump day!


PS.  going out today to look for more good organizing finds at two thrift stores.  I'm only bringing
$20 with me....I'll share any good finds tomorrow.

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