Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy little Monday

Yes, I'm happy this morning.  I have all the Christmas gifts mailed out to the family.
Not that we are doing much this year, some un-expected expenses came up.
But it was a great feeling of boxing up all the packages and getting them out of the house.  Now I can breathe...whew!
I do have this week to finish 3 gifts for those who live here.
Today I am sharing a little quilt that I made for a friend who just got a new kitten.
Let's just say the kitten loves her tree and she can't seem to get her out of it.
So I made her a little cat friendly tree.
See the little kitty on top of the tree. 

It's such a fun wonky little tree that I want to make one for me too.

It may not be quilt show quality, but I whipped it up in just a few hours.
May the tree stay up right, un-like Tonya's.
Love you Tonya, but your kitties need to stay away from your tree!
Happy Monday, hope you can brighten up some one's day!

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