Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 11 - photo challenge

The challenge today was to take a photo challenge/scavenger hunt.

I didn't get too far but got a few items that I found very interesting.

This mural was a surprise to was on a side street in midtown Reno and the business was an alterations place.  Oh wouldn't it be fun to have this painted in my sewing room!

The second good find was this margarita truffle at the Sierra Nevada Chocolate Company in midtown Reno.

I swear it really tasted like a margarita, but better because of the creamy chocolate!!

There were other photos, but these were the best.

Hubby was happy too he found the largest turtle.

Must have been as big as my hand.

So Happy Veteran Days to my hubby, father-in-law and dad.

Tomorrow going to think hard about this pin a day challenge, it is taking time away from my Etsy shop, special orders and craft fair.  Might need to just do a few a week, but either way I'm trying some of those things that I have been hoarding.

See you tomorrow.


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