Wednesday, May 28, 2014

day 7 - I wanted to do some abstract fiber art

Day 7 of the 200...I have to tell you I am a day behind.  It has been super busy around the house and I felt alot of pressure this morning.  So get over it....I'm going to be a day behind, life happens!

Today's post is actually two 5"x7" postcards.

I know the standard postcard is 4x6", but some times there are larger ones.  Anyways these can be sent through the mail or they can be framed. 

Here is what it will look like in a frame.

This frame is leaning inside my light box, not on a wall.  Every time I put it on the wall you get my reflection in the glass!  Note to self: take glass out to photo.

So with a busy life, abstract is reflective of what is going on...bright, cheerful but full of lines.

Have a happy night and let me know if you think these should be added to my Etsy shop.


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