Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day 16 - Sunflower

Day 16 of 200...Water coloring again. This time a sunflower.  I have to say the sunflower is harder than a poppy.

I also learn a thing or two about myself...perfectionism can kill creativity.  This sunflower I struggled with.  It is not perfect and someone who water colors all the time would see all my mistakes or irregularities.  I'm not sure I want to tackle a sunflower anytime soon, but I still want to explore this medium in between my other fiber art.

I do have a friend who adores sunflowers, this may show up on her door step.  How long has it been since you sent a card through the mail??

Tonight is an art walk in Reno, I may need to get out for some inspiration. ~ Judy

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