Monday, July 7, 2014

#39 - Watercolor poppy on Yupo

#39 of 200 artworks...decided to not say 200 days of painting because I have not posted everyday.  Mainly because I get busy or should I say distracted on week-ends.  I really do love Mondays, because I do my art like a business, working M-F during the day and some nights.
Anyhow, today's post is an experiment.  I have heard of Yupo paper but have never played with it.  It is popular for those who like to play with inks because of its slippery texture.  Read a little more and a few people have had success with watercolor paints.  So I had to try.

I LOVE the vibrancy of color that you get.  The paint takes a little longer to dry so you can move the paper and watch the paint swirl.  Then I added a little India ink to outline the poppy and just love how it bled into the orange.

Looks really nice in a frame and on my lime green wall.  Which got me thinking of decorating that guest room with a touch of orange!

I hope you start your Monday off on a happy foot!

See you tomorrow ~ Judy

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