Thursday, August 28, 2014

#55 of 200...Monochromatic

Today is 55 of 200...sounds like a BIG challenge, doesn't it?  I have had some nay-sayers about this challenge.  But this is a new day and I did a great job so far.

The watercolor challenge was to do a monochromatic dream scape.  Dream scape was a little too challenging, so I went with monochromatic.  Here is my sketchbook.

I decided to go with my signature color, orange.  What fun just pull out my red and yellow watercolors.  I wasn't too happy with the sketchbook, but somehow it sort of looked like a cactus and a sun set, so I will go with that.  Just because this is going to be am art journal I added my black lines and left a space for writing.  Georgia O'Keefe has been on my mind this week, so maybe one of her quotes would work in this page.  At the end of the 6 weeks, I will share how I embellished some of these pages, for now you will see the rough watercolor experiments.

Back to the little purple canvas...monochromatic water colored canvas, my pen and ink circles and coated with a was medium. The fiber piece was created by laying fibers and wool between two pieces of water soluble stabilizer and free motion stitching.  They are a blast to make.

Now to decide which direction it should be laying on the easel, but I guess that is up to whom ever purchases it off my Etsy shop of Facebook page.

If you are interested in this piece or want to request a special order, please contact me.

Have an artful day! ~Judy

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