Saturday, October 11, 2014

#66 - #69...Catching up a few of the paintings

Boy!  This week I have been busy trying to update my shops, blog and Facebook.  I'm changed the name of my shop to my name.  Mainly because most people don't understand the ScrampAlot.  It was the name of my stamping team when I was a Close to my Heart consultant, which means my website and everything is in ScrampAlot.  So in the next few weeks everything will be changed over.

Today's catch up painting is a 4 part series.  I scanned them to place on my Society 6 shop and Nuvango shop.  They look great.  The originals are 4"x4".  I'm not sure what I am going to do with them....mat them to fit a standard frame or mount them onto mini canvases.

In the meantime, I am going to show you scans and then you can go the the Society 6 and Nuvango shops to see how they look framed.  Just a note - Nuvango prints are framed, they don't offer unframed yet.

Encircled in Lavender #1

 Encircle in Lavender #1 Art Print

 Encircled in Lavender #2

Encircle in Lavender #2 Art Print

 Encircled in Lavender #3

Encircle in Lavender #3 Art Print

Encircled in Lavender #4

 Encircle in Lavender #4 Art Print

 What I find REALLY cool about Nuvango is the Tech gadget cases and skins.  They make cases for every type of phone, tablet and game system.

Look at this for my tablet....

Well that is it for my coolness.  Need to finish some more paintings that can be my new business cards.

Happy Saturday! - Judy

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