Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy, happy mail!

Something about getting happy snail mail, you get excited when the Fedex person rings your doorbell and the dogs start barking ballistic which scares the crap out of me because I can't hear the doorbell.  That is one tone that I can't hear at all, love hearing issues.  Meanwhile I start running to the door, which gets the dogs even more hyper and they start circling my feet which makes me trip over the little loving yappers.  All the time I am yelling at them to be quiet.  I try to adjust myself so that I look calm and cool when you open the door.  Yes, that is how it happens at our house when the doorbell rings.

Anyone have that happen?

Back to the happy snail mail...I just got my first test order from my Nuvango shop.  Wanted to see how ling the order takes and the quality, plus I couldn't resist seeing my artwork printed.

So I order a bright cel phone case so I won't loose my phone.

Yes it is orange, what color would you expect from me?  Bright cheerful and an great example of my artwork.  It might catch a few peoples attention and be a conversation starter even if they don't like orange.  I will forgive them.

But Nuvango ships the cases in these nice heavy duty felt cases.  I like them so much that I want to keep that too.  Hubby picked up my phone and when he flipped it over he saw this...

Yes I have a matching screen saver.  I'm such a dork!

It seemed silly to order just one thing, right?

I ordered a little something for Jessi too.


So the skinny...I am impressed with the printing and quality of Nuvango.  It took a week and 2 days to get my order, which is not bad since the printing facility is in Canada.  If you are just ordering cel cases they take 1-2 days to print and them ship.  I took a little longer because of the stretched canvas.  They take a couple more days.

Over all, I'm impressed and thinking of ordering more very soon.

I hope you hop on over to my Nuvango (almost every cel phone cover made) shop or my Society 6 (home decor items) shop.

Now back to my studio to paint! - Judy

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