Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weight Loss Journal

Sunday I finally had it!  My wieght keeps slowly creeping up again, it doesn't help that I hurt my foot 6 weeks ago and have had trouble walking.  But when it hurts to get out of bed or bend over to tie your shoes, you know its time to do something.  Of course it can't be age, could it?  That is another issue that is weighing on my mind today.  I'm 44 years old and feeling like half my life is over, well that is another issue.  I have been wanting to make this journal for quite some time but Sunday was my breaking point.

This journal was made with the made with the special edition Everyday Celebration kit form Close to my Heart, only available thru Sept 30th.  I pleated the chocolate ribbon on the binding make a really nice thick ribbon section and the font that I used from a font cite where you can make a font from your own writing.  So the title and tabs are actually what my handwriting looks like.  I know several of you are going to ask what the website was and I will have to do some searching on that, but email me by that time I might have it!

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