Saturday, July 3, 2010

Moving on my mind

Moving is on my mind...we are making an offer on a house today in Sparks, NV.  Oh Boy!  So I'm giving away a stamp set of a house.  So the catch is to leave comments of what you look for in a house. 

It is tough to leave Alaska, I have been here for 34 years and I'm going to miss momma bring the twins by to show me.  She was nursing right next to my deck this morning.  Here is one of the babies.
Have a great 4th of July!  Remember to leave comments and I will pull a winner on Monday 9PM.
Think of me as I will be going through stuff in the garage ALL week-end.


  1. DON'T GO!!! but at least I'll have someone to come visit!

  2. When we were looking, we knew we'd have to give something up: a bedroom, garage, yard, location, etc. For what we could afford, we weren't going to find all of those things, so had to find a compromise. A bedroom for a garage; yard for location. Actually, I really didn't want to compromise on not having a yard.

    In the end, we gave up location (not so bad anyway) and a garage, yet we have a carport.

    34 years, wow. I've been to Sparks! It was during high school :)

  3. I'm going to miss the animal photos!

    I love my first floor laundry room. It's a must. lol

    Good luck with your offer. You're getting closer to me!

  4. When we moved from California to Georgia, it was the first time we were able to afford a brand new home. I love my kitchen: crown molding, 42 inch cabinets, under cabinet lightning, granite countertops and an island!!! Our master bath has a soaking tub with jets. My husband and I absolutely love our home. Good luck with your offer! I'd love to win that great stamp set :)

  5. I look for the possiblity for the family to be comfortable and if we can really make the house a home =)

  6. I always look at the kitchen first. Our first house had a small kitchen with little usable space. Our new kitchen is AMAZING with corian countertops, so much storage that I have single bowls on shelves. We have a center island that is PERFECT for food preparation. One last thing that makes our kitchen perfect is the walk in pantry.

    After the kitchen I look at the laundry room. I like to be able to hang shirts right out of the washer/dryer. If the laundry room is too small, then I find myself not folding/hanging the clothes right away.

    Next up is the kids bedrooms. Having small children, I don't want their toys EVERYWHERE! It's important to me that their bedrooms are large enough to hold their toys.

    Good luck on your move girlie!

  7. Wow-big move! Very exciting but certainly daunting! Best wishes!!!

  8. Duh-what I look for in a house...hmmm...
    Space for a craft room! DH needs a garage. Kitchen is important!

  9. I didn't want to be stuck in the kitchen when we have people over, so I was looking for more of an open space concept. Didn't care if I had a formal living room since we never used it but I did want a large dining area. In my old house if the dishwasher was open you couldn't get past it to put food away so I was looking for a well designed kitchen. Craft space was also important since I didn't want to be stuck in a small bedroom with no light.
    Be sure to get recommendations on movers. Good luck with the house hunting & move.



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