Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I so hope for snail mail.  Two things I like getting in the snail mail box:

1.) A card from a friend.
I love opening the mail box and finding little goodies in my mail box that isn't junk mail. When that happens you know someone was thinking of you. 

2.) Ordered Goodies
The other kind of snail mail I like to see is the goodies that I placed orders for.  This week I should get a few of those (Copics, Dies, Stamps, Grand Caliber) *sigh*

If you want to be in a snail mail club where we can send goodies to each other let me know in your comments and we can exchange info.  I would love the have a snail mail buddy!

Ps. I woke up to SNOW today!!  I'm just like a kid, jumped out of bed.

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