Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Little Black Dress

I think every woman needs one. 
Don't you think? 
It always makes you feel good, skinny and stylish.

Today I altered a little Halloween dress for Kiska, so she can rock the neighborhood.
She's all dressed for the day.

Here Kiska is striking a pose.  She's letting you see that there is a little flower made with Mom's Nestablitiy Blossom shapes, felt and lace!

Now she is peeking outside my office door, all ready to go shopping!!  Hate to break it to her that I'm going to Costco and they don't let dogs in, not like Petco yesterday where she got to meet several
canine friends.

This post was for fun...I'm actually finishing 2 cards when I get back from Costco.

Happy Shopping!
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