Monday, November 22, 2010

Organizing Monday...

I had an ugly blank wall in my scraproom and wasn't sure if I wanted more cabinets so this is what I did.

These are some shutters for the outside of the house.  I got them at Home Depot for $25 for the set of 2.  I thought is would be a creative way to display my latest cards that I have been working on and to display those cards that I get from my Snail Mail group.  I have a few people who wanted to be on the list to get Happy Mail.  So I am pretty happy to be able to look up and see this while I'm creating. 

Speaking of creating...I'm working hard on my December 1st class.  We are making a card, box and ornament, but I'm showing this work in progress because over at Sassy Cheryl's Designs she has a weekly challenge for you to show off your workspace.  Here is a little snippet of my workspace because I'm not yet ready to show off the NEW Scraproom.  It's coming soon.

So have a happy Monday and either join me with organizing your scraproom, Happy Snail Mail OR join Sassy Cheryl's "SHOW ME" challenge.



  1. Such a cute idea! I think I like this better than my upholstered memory board...then again, I have room for both...hmmmm.

  2. Wow Judy. Love the idea of the shutters to showcase your cards! That's a great idea! May have to do that for the cards that I get! Love it!

    Your work area is all nice and organized! Can't wait to see your new scraproom!

  3. The shutters are the perfect showcase for your cards and your happy mail. Love the idea of it. Can I steal the idea? Can't wait for the full reveal of your space, but this little glimpse was fun and a great tease.

  4. Wow....this is perfect! I love this idea. I have to get some shutters for my studio! Thanks for the great inspiration!

  5. thats a pretty great idea to display cards...
    loved taking a peek at your~ very un messy~ creative space..
    thanks for playing along!



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