Saturday, November 27, 2010

Show Me Challenge

Yes when I create I have stuff all over the place.   You won't see the mess to often online, but if you come to my house it becomes a mess every time I create.  However the mess gets twice as much if both Jessi & I are creating together which is quite often!  Thank goodness I have a forgiving hubby.  Why you ask?  He has to share this space with me...hahaha.  It is actually a good sized room 14' x 12'.  So here is a peek into my room.  It is still had bare walls and most of the mess is behind cabinet doors so it looks tidy in a hurry.

Today I picked up the space and started a new project, which I will share later.  After each project I do pick up otherwise I have too many piles on the floor.  I'm trying to break me of the habit of throwing my piles in the middle of walkways.  Hard habit to curb.  So here is neat & tidy room...

I'm on the left and hubby on the right.  This is what you see when you walk thru the double doors into room.  then you turn to the LEFT and see my working side.  Some storage for the things you grab all the time...embellishments, ribbon, copics, nesties, stamps are all in the cabinets above my desk and in the bins.

Next you turn to the RIGHT and you see the wall of storage.  We lined the upper and lower with cabinets.  they store my Cricut, paper, printers, books, odd stuff to alter, other die cutters, office supplies and of course a few cabinets for my hubby's stuff.

But today I had a wild hair to change my Copic storage system.  They have been in my CTMH stamp storage boxes and that is great for portability.  My last house I would work upstairs and downstairs, now I'm all in one room.  So I wanted easy access.  Not sure if it will work, but I thought I would give it a try for a couple of weeks.  And these cute tins were on sale at Micheal's.

See there is still space in my tins for some more copics.  Maybe Santa will fill my stocking with copics...probably not but I can give him my list anyways.

So this is my SHOW ME challenge for Sassy Cheryl's blog.  Go check out a where the other peeps create and get some storage or crafting ideas.  Who doesn't like to peek at others rooms?

Happy Saturday - Judy


  1. GREAT space. Can I have a side of your room?? Love it all.

  2. Whoa, JudyA, your space is awesome and I love the lightness of it. Great organization. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Cricut could run wireless like the printer?

  3. Judy wow girl love your space so clean.Give it a year or so you'll take it over.LOL!!

  4. Ok, first off. . . .thank you for sharing your workspace. Secondly, I AM SOOOOOOOO JEALOUS! It's amazing Judy! I've looked at it over and over again. It's making my brain rethink about what new furniture I want for Christmas. I just LOVE it. I also love the photos. The way you did them. Like something from a magazine! Just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Judy, you are such an amazingly talented person...I admire that!! I'm proud to be your friend...I can live vicariously through you! Your office looks like it stepped out of a beautiful magazine shoot, even when it's "messy"!! Love the colors you chose, so bright and colorful, and love the new mats!!

  6. Your space is amazing. It's outfitted to perfection. I can only dream of a studio like yours...

  7. Absolutely wonderful work space! I am lovin those Copics though. It was hard to see anything after I spotted those. Copics are on my Christmas list. I hope a whole stocking full of them!

  8. Fabulous space!! Very tidy... I see you have a grand caliber over there. How do you like it? It seem tippy in the video's I've watched?? I'm trying to decide if I really need one.. :)



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