Sunday, January 2, 2011

I don't like wrapping!

But I do love tins!  I love to have lots of boxes and tins around the house for quick gift giving ideas.  Here is a tin that I covered and added a pre-colored digi from Sassy Cheryl's.  So if you are in a hurry you can just print a colored image and add it to your gift and card!
And as you can see the card and tin is quite blingy.  I got this tool called the I-rock and  it adheres all sizes of rhinestones to anything.

Well so here is my theme for the month - Birthdays.  I have this little pet peeve about birthdays being forgotten, so most of this month you will see lots of birthday cards, organizers, calendars and gift wrapping ideas.  My hope is to get my hubby and his family on track about remembering each others special day.  Ok so maybe it is because my birthday is in 20 days that I'm feeling a little anxious about turning another year older or maybe I don't care about how old I am, but that I should have a special day.  Who knows!  I just hope this year I can make a few people smile for remembering their birthdays.

Go out there and create something to make someone smile - Judy
Sassy Cheryl's - Teddy Bears


  1. Very cute! I have a lot of tins, but never thought to use them to hold anything except baked goods. Thanks for the idea!

  2. I have to admit. I'm one of those that forgets. . .even when I have them on the calendar.
    I don't like wrapping either. This is GORGEOUS!
    Thanks for playing in the teddy bear challenge this week. Love it!

  3. Perfect gift pair. Maybe if you made up a card and tin set for hubby, put a little helpful hint inside on how to fill it. You would have a really happy birthday and hubby would appreciate the assistance. Hmmmm, looks the perfect size for copic pens! (Don't forget to include a color chart marked with the shades you HAVE TO HAVE):)

  4. Judy-so cute!!! Love the card and the tin!

    Thank you for joining us for the Sassy Cheryl's challenge!

  5. Now! How to cute is this little tin! I love it!
    so glad you joined us in the Challenge this week!

  6. What a fun and creative tin and card Set! I love to wrap presents. Lol ~jeni :)

  7. Well, now that you said it.. I have to admit too.. I HATE wrapping. This year it was all about gift bags and gift cards! It took a total of 10 minutes to put everything under the tree!

    Your tin is darling and it's perfect for the Teddy Bear challenge at Sassy Cheryl's. Thanks so much for joining us.. and Happy New Year to you! Peggy x



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