Thursday, February 24, 2011

Teaching a class tonight

Tonight I am teaching a Beginner Copic class at Pickled Tink Studios in Reno, NV. 
 It should be fun!  So if you are in the area come join us, I think thee is 1 more spot left.  And if you are not in the area and would like to contact me on the products used just shoot me an email at

So on a personal note:  I have taken a few days off from blog land.  Not for bad reasons, for creative reasons.  I have been very busy creating.  So if I would stop creating and take some pictures when it is daylight I could share.  I started a love affair with fabric, ok maybe it has always been there.  There are so many colors, textures, yummy threads, buttons, oh I could just go on.  I have never had much confidence in my sewing, but I have made a couple of wall quilts before and some baby clothes when Jessi was young.  I think the workshop that I took two weeks ago, reminded me that you can sew and fabric & paper can go together!  Anyway, I have made aprons, camera strap covers and fabric flowers.  But the big news, I ordered a new sewing machine with lots and lots of stitches and embroidery functions.  Thank of all the goodies I can make.  But in the past week I haven't forgotten my paper, I have made loads of cards for the consignment shop!

So will you forgive me for taking a week off?  Will you like if my blog starts to include other projects than just cards?


  1. Hi Judy-
    I love your blog and yes, of course include ALL your projects, including sewing!

  2. Have fun teaching your class! Your sewing machine sounds great. I need a new one, but just something basic. I'd love to see whatever you create. And I definitely missed your blogging, but understand why you were "missing." Have a great weekend!



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