Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm seeing ruffles!!

Are you shocked, this week-end I didn't make another purse?  But I'm going to this week!
I thought I would try making ruffles this Sunday, that is because I want to make a purse that has ruffles.
So what a better way to practice is on a pillow.

When I was over at the quilt store they told me of a easy way to make ruffles, using your cording foot on your sewing machine.  Yes I know that I can also buy a ruffle foot for my machine, but it is basically the foot can only be used for 1 purpose, so I bought the cording foot so you can add ribbon and cording to your creations, along with ruffles!

This is how easy it is....
Isn't that cool?  I just run the dental floss thru my foot and zig-zag over and then pull.  Perfect ruffles super fast.  Well it would be fast if I didn't have to make 8 rows of ruffles.  This project probably took me over 5 hours to finish, but I am a slow sewer.  Is that a word?

So I thought I would share my little sewing tip and this FREE sewing pattern, Glam-o-Ruffle Pillow today!

Have a happy Monday!

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