Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dress for $10 and sewn in 5mins

Yes, this dress only took me 5 minutes thanks to Walmart!  I just happened to walk into a Walmart in Reno today and they had a fabric department.  The one by my house in Sparks does not and its a shame.
Well anyways I wanted to make a throw on dress so that if I'm sitting on the patio and the door rings I can just slide it over my bathing suit.
And there was Walmart with several pre-gathered fabrics on the bolts.  Lots of colors to choose from, now which one to make.  The fabric is $10 per yard and this took 7/8 of a yard.
So Jessi had to make one too.  She just ask that I add strap to her dress.

Fun dresses for a total of $21.00.

Off to do some more sewing and prep for my Copic class on Thursday night.



  1. Adorable!! My daughter saw these fabrics too, and wants me to make one for her! She likes the black fabric one!



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