Sunday, May 22, 2011

What would you do with a 3" heart?

Fun little Sunday creation...
I was wanting to make something a little different today, wasn't sure what. 
Well I'm still playing in my sewing room or as Keith says making a HUGE mess, but thought I would share this little project.  The heart was layered, them embroidered, then random stitching to hold the quilt sandwich together.  It was my first this morning.  Let's just say it was intended to make a fabric piece for a necklace.  I'll just say I started, didn't measure, had no rules or directions and it ended up too big for a necklace.  So my next thought was to make it into a pin, because I hate to throw away my little creation, then I had another thought of making more and put them into picture frames for the wall (which would really look nice if you made 4 of these).  I set it aside on my next to my stamping supplies from yesterday's class and it just looked great!

What would you do with a fabric heart that is about 3" tall?  I would love to hear your suggestions.
Let me know.


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