Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Organize, organize, organize

I'm so happy to show the new colorful hanging storage bins in my kitchen.
I just love the color and just the right amount of POP of color on my pantry door.

The three bins will have labels on them this week-end.
1. is for incoming mail
2. id for outgoing mail
3. for coupons

I'm so happy because now my hubby won't be leaving piles of stuff all over the kitchen island.  I swear it always looks like a paper bomb went off there.

Here is the side view:

What kinds of things would you stash in them?
We have one for the front hall closet for the dog leashes, bathroom for toiletries, my scraproom for my Cricut cables and now these for the kitchen.

But Jessi would love to make these in lots of colors.  Any suggestions?  She is open to making a few more colors.

Well Happy Tuesday, I'm off to the office to cut and prep for tomorrow's Christmas card class.


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