Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Yummy Tuesday!

It's Tuesday and it is usually the day that I post a sewing project for you. Well I was sewing all day and that is why I didn't get to the post.  In fact I woke up at 4:36AM and thinking about sewing!  I know it is a sick addiction.  Maybe they will send in the guys with white suits for me some morning that I'm up at that awful time.

Actually I thought I would share a dinner that has me and my hubby fighting over the left overs for tomorrow's lunch!  Yep, there was only two helpings left after we ate dinner and the recipe makes quite a bit.  See my electric skillet (below).

Yes I do cook in electric skillets and crock pot all the time.  I don't do fancy-shmacy dinners, just yummy food.

I found this recipe on a Weight Watchers board several years ago.  It is healthy, low fat and VERY tasty.

Pork Salsa

1 lb. of pork loin (cut bite size)
1 jar of Salsa
1 jar of Sugar Free Apricot preserves
1 pkg of taco seasoning
4 cups of rice

I saute the pork with a little olive oil until golden brown.  Next add taco seasoning, stir.
I dump in the salsa and the preserves and let it simmer while I'm cooking my rice.  That would be 8 mins. for Minute rice in the microwave!  I told you very easy.
Next I add the rice and let it bubble for a few more minutes.  That give you enough time to grab the bowls, set the table and have the family debate if this meal needs a spoon or a fork!!
By Weight Watchers standard a serving is 3/4 of a cup, which sounds small but it is really filling if you use brown rice.
Here is my serving, with an extra scoop of salsa.  I like mine spicy.  You can use any salsa you like but I make my own salsa.  Maybe next week I can share my Salsa recipe.

So here is a little look of our family dinner time.  Quick, yummy, & full of flavor!

But we didn't stop there...
And after that yummy sweet & spicy dinner my daughter had to contribute these white chocolate chip brownies.

Hope you have a sweet Wednesday!


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