Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Playing with new stamp sets today

Yes I know I rushing the season by doing all these Christmas cards but I kept seeing this card in my mind. Well I am doing my Christmas card workshop next week too.  I had a bear of a time trying to photo this card.  It didn't photo as well as I planned.  White is really hard to photo. NOTE to self: read up on taking pictures of white things.  I have to say my photography skills are getting better when you are taking pictures here and for the ETSY shop.  Have you gone over to my ETSY shop?  I'll have to tell you about the shop on another post.

So this stamp set has nothing to do with Christmas, in fact it is a more of a thanks stamps set or even an Autumn stamp set.  Which reminds me maybe I should make a few of these in the autumn leaf motif.

Go look at the stamp set and see how you would play with it.
Remarkable Wreath on my website.

I like how they did the love card, its super sweet.

Happy Stamping!

Now back to the embroidery machine...


  1. Your card is gorgeous. I love the clean white background. The wreath really pops out.



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