Friday, January 13, 2012

From messiest to cleanest room in the house!

Here is a very long post with LOTS of pictures!

I wanted to start the new year with something special that would make me happy.  But first I have to show you the BEFORE...beware it was bad.

This was my stamping classroom/guest room that became the sewing DUMP!  But I managed to get lots of things done in this mess.  But it required cleaning up every time I started a new project.  It became too much work.  So the upper left is what you was as you walked in and then upper right as you turned, and so forth!  Do you see all the bags and bins of stuff?

Well me and my hubby were painting cabinets on New Years Eve...what a way to celebrate?  New Years day, he and Jessi painted the walls and NOW...look.
When you walk in the door you see a clean pull-out couch.  A guest can stay in here now, well if they wanted to.  The cubes in the corner still need a little work, but that is where my scraps are living right now.  Also must note I have 12 feet ceilings so I have lots of space to go up...but I'm very vertically challenged.  I think a wall quilt would look nice there and a few vases with fake flowers since I can't remember to water a cactus.  Another story on how I killed a cactus!!

Then you move over to the window.  Not the best photo (note to self, learn to take a better photo of window).  Its a shame because hubby and I made a cornice, added twinkle lights and hung several strings of mirrors and crystals from my mom's chandelier.  This counter top is the home of both of my embroidery machines...Viking Topaz 20 and Janome 10000.  Both have room to sew and embroider.

Corner area...nice place to spread out, pin and hopefully soon have a flat screen TV for the guests...hahaha...ok I wouldn't mind being able to hear a good chick flick while sewing.
Love these little bins...they hold small cuts under 1 yard.  Great to be able to just grab and go!
Yes there is a little serger there that I'm learning to play with.  Right now I use it on my Cricut covers, but I have a friend to teach me more.

 I gave this spot for Jessi.  She has 8 feet of workspace for her machine and a cutting area!
I really enjoy having her in my little sweat shop.

Nest to Jessi is more fabric storage.  These are up to 3 yard cuts, wrapped on cardboard.  Simple but effective and it gets them off the couch, floor, cutting table and the endless bundles of bags.

Decided that I hated having loose papers laying around or taped to the wall for wall the back orders.  So I had this great idea to make the doors into chalkboards.  Super simple fix.  Do you know how many coats of paint it took?  OMG...I think we ended up doing 5 coats!

And now back to the seating area.  People can come in the room and take a seat and hopefully watch TV soon.

BUT for now Kiska (chocolate Pom) and Mia (Tan Chi-weenie) love to relax while we sew.

So I hope you have a relaxing week-end! - judy


  1. Your space is beautiful - and you did a great job of organizing!

  2. I am super inspired!!!! Good for you : ) Doesn't it feel great to see clean floors and counter tops?! LOL! I love the chalkboard doors but don't really love the 5 coat part ; ) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Absolutely Gorgeous transformation. Love your colors and inspiration Judy. HUGS

  4. Hi Judy! I am a CTMH sister.... wondering if you have a pattern that you used for your Cricut cover? My house is SOOOOO dusty, and I don't want my machine to get ruined... Can you tell me if you used a pattern or just winged it? Thanks!! :) Kim

  5. What a beautiful transformation and I love the way you have your fabric displayed! What a cute photo of the doggies!!



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