Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm so happy and surprised!

I couldn't believe my email today.
If you haven't looked at, you have to.  But beware, it becomes very addicting!!

Anyways once in awhile I post things I have made for the shop, but mainly I go there
to get inspiration.  There is so many ideas on this ideas, decorating, crafting, shopping.  All of these get me in trouble.  In fact my hubby rolls his eyes when I say I saw something on Pinterest.  He knows what is coming next...can you make this for me or guess what we are doing this week-end.
That is why I have been so distant, decorating my sewing room...all by ideas from Pinterest. you have figured out that I really love this site.
NOW back to my overflowing emails!!!!

I posted this Cricut cover...

It was a special order.  But I thought it turned out pretty darn cute.  It almost made me re-think the colors of my sewing room (Don't tell my hubby!)

Here is another view...

Well my Cricut cover was repinned by over 17 people today!

I was so surprised that many people saw it and liked it. 
It makes me feel special.

So have a very special Monday...coming soon is the sewing room reveal!

Oh if you want me to send you an invite to Pinterest, just leave me a comment with your email address and we can be buddies and share ideas.


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