Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday, Monday!

It's a happy Monday! 
Today I'm sharing how much I love my Singer Featherweight.
It's small, portable and only weighs 11 pounds.  This one is 60 years old and
sews like a champ.

My hubby surprised me with this for Christmas.  I haven't played that much with it until this last
month.  I took it to a sew-a-thon and have used it in the living room while we are watching
Dancing with the Star and The Voice.  It doesn't make too much noise so we can still
hear the TV!

Well this week-end I registered for an art quilt class in San Deigo, CA.  The class in being taught
by Jane LaFazio.  Go check out her blog, she is ubber talented.  Anyways, back to
my featherweight, for the class I need to bring a sewing machine.
So this week-end I was trying to figure out how to carry my quilting supplies, clothes and sewing machine onto the airplane.  The carrying case that came with my Singer has seen better days, it is 60 years old.  Well it does have a musky smell too.
I had to figure out a way to carry on this wonderful machine, because there is NO WAY I'm going to let those muscle guys toss my sewing machine into the plane and then let it tumble down the conveyor belt to baggage pick up.

So here is what my plan is...
I made this cute drawstring bag.  It is two layers of canvas and will fit nicely into my
rolling carry on bag!  It won't get scratched up or leak any sewing machine oil on my clothes.  And the best part it looks cute.

Oh I love this black and white fabric, but it needed personalization.  Out pulled my Copic markers!!
Yes, you can color on fabric.  It is much harder to get blending than paper.  I have found if
you feather your coloring, much like a paint brush that helps.  Also I would suggest heat setting the ink too.

Yes, you see pink there too because I had to make one for my friend Mary!
Here is her bag!

So there you have it, I made two simple drawstring bags with my Serger to protect
our sewing machines and whatever else is in our carry on luggage.

What fun things are you working on?

I'm SEW happy!

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  1. You are so lucky to have that sewing machine - it's a real treasure! The covers you made are quite nice. I haven't sewn much in the past few years except for borrowing a friend's machine once in a while. Mine is in need of repair; it may be better to buy a new one.



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