Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Scary quilts, anyone?

I have been busy this week-end making quilts.  Here is one that I got finished
and wanted to share. 

I have been on a Halloween kick for the past couple of weeks, this is the 2nd Halloween quilt I have done.  It gave me a good reason to buy more orange fabric.  I just love orange, it's such a happy color for me.  This quilt also gave me the opportunity to scribble stitch.  That is what I call my wonky, crooked stitching.  I suppose those quilt nazis out there that I took classes with would hate my imperfect stitching but I thought it was a perfect match...I can sew straight too (blah!)

But another good thing, is I got to use one of my ugly fabrics as this backing...

actually it doesn't look so bad on the back!  Plus bonus, my stitching just blends in perfectly!
I did cheat a little on adhering my binding...steam a seam tape on the backside, closed the binding nice and tight.

Just to share the pattern with you, it came from
Quilting Celebrations Fall 2012 Issue

There are several fun patterns in this issue, can't wait to get my next issue!

Happy Stitching!


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  1. This is totally cool!!! And what do you mean your "ugly" patterns?! I LOVE it! I'm not kidding, I think that it could've been used for a darling little girls skirt or something. LOVE this! :)



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