Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Little art quilt

I have been super busy taking quilting classes, participating in challenges, my etsy shop and
my new obsession of reading ebooks.  I don't read the typical ebooks.  I like to read about
quilting, collage, artsy-fartsy books.
I started with this book by Carol Anne Waugh, Stupendous Stitching: How to make Fun Fabulous Fiber Art.
I really didn't know if I would like to read this kind of books on my new tablet, but I just consumed this book in under 2 days.  What was best part I could go back to the notes and bookmarks and have the picture displayed right next to my sewing machine.
As you know, I have been part of an art quilt group in Tahoe.  Last month's challenge was to
make a art quilt using one of my hand dyed fabrics, but the stickler was that it needed to be cut at least once.  I made 3 cuts, mainly because a was stitching along and the fabric got stuck!  Yep, I made a hole in the middle of my piece.  My luck, guess that will be my first cut!
Overall, I loved the book and the technique and can see me doing this again in different colors.


Here you can see this a little closer.

I hope you enjoyed my Tuesday share.  Lots more fabric goodies to finish and share.
But did you see the new minky penguins on my etsy shop?  Jessi is trying to get some extra money for college.
Have a happy Tuesday, and no telling what I will share next.

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