Sunday, December 9, 2012

9th day or ornaments...

Today I showing a origami ornament.  You can do it in fabric or paper. 
Fabric was easier to fold, my scrapbooking paper was a little thick.  I think origami paper would be the right weight.

You can tell, me and my daughter made them together by the fabric choices.
I choose the bright pinks and she chooses the purples.
Here (below) is a scrapbooking paper ornament.
I'm more partial to the fabric ones.
But if you are interested in doing these yourself the tutorial is HERE.
If you are looking for more holiday craft ideas go to Petals to Picots.  They are doing a holiday blog party and there are a bunch of fun links to click.
I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.
Enjoy! - Judy

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