Thursday, January 3, 2013

Little blue bird

Here is a little blue bird I made with the help of my daughter, Jessi.
She decided that since I love to crochet while watching TV that we could do this
over New Years.
There is a a bunch of people into this type of crocheting.  The name of the style is called amigurumi.
Here is the two we made together.  Interesting thing is that we used the same yarn and hook and mine came out so much smaller.  Tighter stitches because I'm used to thread crochet.

This all started when I bought this book for Jessi for Christmas.
Thought it would be fun for her to crochet a wiener dog!
Well I hope this brought a little smile, since the birds are so stinkin cute, even though mine has beady little eyes.
Happy Thursday, off to sew.

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  1. OMG! Those are adorable! I've never been a knitter/crocheter, but, these would be so fun to make for the know, in my free time!! ;O) Sorry I've been so MIA, between the miserable pregnancy, work, Owen starting kindergarten, and our new little diva, I've been totally overwhelmed!! I hae been blog stalking all of your amazing new crafty hobbies though, just never a spare minute to comment!

    I've got a CTMH question for you, I am really excited about the Advent calendar, especially after pricing all of the others out there!! But, I can't afford the Artiste cartridge, do you have to have the cartridge to make the boxes themselves or do they provide a template for that? If you'd like, I'm still at Thanks girly! Hope you are all doing great!



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