Thursday, January 10, 2013

Crochet limiting?

This past Sunday I was trying to learn to knit.  I went to a local store and the lady there was extremely helpful and got me started.  However, there were some traditional knitters watching me knit...I hear all sorts of advice and comments on how I hold the sticks, I know NEEDLES!
But one comment stuck with me...knitting is more versatile.  Versatile!!  Hmmm...for who and for what?  I don't want to knit a sweater or make a hat, not really interested in a whole new hobby.  Actually I wanted to learn to knit just a few stitches because I want to try out freeform crochet and many of the artists that teach it incorporate both knitting and crochet in their tutorials and books.  To make the long story I just needed to learn how to do the garter stitch with increases and decreased...nothing fancy.  That will be another messy knitting.  It is  a must share.
So I wanted to show something that you can't make with knitting, it has to be crocheted.
Here is a freeform crocheted brooch that I made.
What I liked about this pin is that I crocheted this with embroidery floss.  Who knew the 3 containers of floss would be used again!
If you have any questions about the pin or crocheting with floss just drop me a note.
Have a happy creative day!


  1. oh wouah! très jolie brassé de fleurs, biz

  2. Judy this is so pretty seen your bird also and just love it.I also love crocheting but i can only do the basic but i have yarn Happy New Year to you and your family



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