Tuesday, March 19, 2013

First art journal page!

Decided to take the plunge. The water has been calling me for quite some time.  That is the pool of making art journals.  Of course I have to do my own way, one page at a time or should I say one fabric mini quilt at a time!

Here is the finished page.  I left quilt a bit bare of words, because for some reason I think I have to fill the page like a regular journal.  Nope this journal is going to be an technique journal for all those ideas that I see in Art Quilting Magazine, numerous nooks and Pinterest.  I see so many things I want to try or want to incorporate it into the next project.  Here is a safe place for me to try and fail all those techniques.
The technique that I wanted to try was water color pencils on fabric, but not any watercolor pencils...Inktense Watercolor Ink Pencils by Derwent.
These are really cool and I want to play with them some more and possibly get the larger pack of 72 pencils.  They go on like pencils, but when you add water they brighten up to the intensity of markers.  It's really awesome.
Here is where I started...
Nice but too orange and I can see my pencils marks. So I added more red and tried to blend a little more.  I think my blending will get better over time and maybe a smoother fabric, but I was excited to try something new and grabbed any piece of fabric out of my scrap bin.
So like the quote says, "Every artist was first an amateur;" - Ralph Waldo Emerson.
I'm just starting.
My one question was...
Should I add beading to the centers of the flowers?  I would love your input.


Have a artful day!

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  1. Love your journal! A little 3D would be striking! Go for it.



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